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IELTS Mock Test
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The Educational Society of Ireland (ESI)

The Educational Society of Ireland (ESI) is a not for profit body focused upon improving education in Ireland. Our organisation consists of individuals with diverse origins, backgrounds, interests and life experiences interested in the educational system either professionally, academically, as business people front doors as parents or simply as concerned citizens. Read more..

We are actively involved in the provision and promotion of quality lifelong learning on the island of Ireland and to this end since 2004 have been advising, consulting, collaborating and wholeheartedly engaged in researching, assessing and otherwise addressing Irish educational needs and deficits.

Our Activities
ESI initial engagements primarily involved home study programs and targeted educational interventions. Involvement has since broadened significantly and now encompasses a wide range of activities designed to enhance lifelong educational opportunities, outcomes and experiences.
ESI activities and those of external collaborators include:

Language tuition at primary, secondary, third and adult levels
IELTS pre-test preparatory exams mimicking IELTS test centre conditions and the IELTS test format with individualized feedback, detailed personalized reports and outcome oriented structured remedial advice and intervention plans
English as an additional language (EAL) courses for adults and children
Literacy and numeracy support through high quality, low pupil/teacher ratio supplementary education for primary school children of various abilities and capacities. These include:Children in need of urgent academic intervention
Special educational needs students (SEN)
Children whose first language is not English (EAL)
Academically gifted children who benefit dramatically from additional supports and pupil/teacher interactions not readily available within classroom settings
Interest courses including:

Leaving Cert Courses: All subjects
Music tuition
Drama activities bathrooms dublin
Scratch computer programming
Arts and crafts and culture focused activities
We annually host the Irish leg of the Pangea Mathematics Olympiad, a Europe-wide competition for primary and second level pupils which promotes mathematics participation while encouraging excellence within a non-threatening competitive environment.
The ESI Short Film Competition is dialogue themed and open to all age groups.

Please Get Involved As A Voluntary Contributor

We conceive of knowledge and education in broad holistic terms and consider diversity of ethnicity, origin, expertise and life experience as potential learning/teaching resources. Your input, voluntary involvement and sharing of viewpoints, talents, expertise and experience can make a significant lasting positive impact upon society. Please make contact today to discuss getting started.

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